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Why agricultural irrigation is more suitable for the use of ultrasonic water meters?

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     Nowadays, agricultural development is very important and scientific irrigation is very necessary. What are the advantages of agricultural irrigation at present?

    First of all, it can save water and labor and increase production and income. The water volume is easy to control and will not cause surface drip irrigation system runoff and deep soil seepage, saving 35-75% of water than sprinkler irrigation.

     Scientific irrigation has opened a new way to achieve water conservation in mountainous areas with little water supply and water shortage. Due to insufficient water supply between plants, weeds are less likely to grow, greatly reducing the disturbance of crops competing with weeds for nutrients and reducing labor for weeding. Yields can be increased because the root zone of the crop is kept optimally supplied with water and fertilizer. So why are ultrasonic water meters ideal for agricultural irrigation?

    For one thing, agricultural water meters are generally installed in harsh environments. Ultrasonic water meters are waterproof to IP68, which can greatly reduce the frequency of water meter failures; on the other hand, ultrasonic water meters have small pressure losses, are highly adaptable, have a higher range ratio, and distribute water resources more equitably. In addition, ultrasonic water meters are almost unaffected by fluid composition, viscosity and other factors, and have a longer service life. Therefore, in agricultural irrigation, the choice of large-diameter ultrasonic water meter is undoubtedly a better choice.



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