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Wireless remote water meter - intelligent use of water

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The wireless remote transmission water meter integrates new metering technology, electronic technology, computer technology and Internet of Things technology, making the water meter measurement continuously develop towards intelligence, digitalization and informatization. Traditional water metering is different from intelligent metering, because intelligent metering is increasingly tending to serve people. In the past, the simple mechanical metering method is far from achieving the goal of scientific and efficient management of water resources, so it will gradually be replaced by the intelligent metering method of wireless remote water meter.

Wireless remote water meter is a multifunctional intelligent water meter that is separated from mechanical metering. Based on the advanced Internet of Things communication technology, it realizes many intelligent functions such as remote transmission, remote valve control, online recharging, real-time monitoring, etc. It is no longer just a measuring tool, but more a convenient way for people to use water. Eliminate the tedious and complicated manual meter reading, manual accounting, queuing and payment in the past, and create a set of intelligent water metering solutions.

The wireless remote water meter based on the above characteristics has laid the foundation for realizing the automation, networking and intellectualization of metering technology, and created a win-win situation between supply and demand. LORA wireless remote water meter, NB-IOT wireless remote water meter and remote meter reading water meter under S.H.Meters are affordable and cost-effective. Welcome to consult and order. Moving with the changes in technology and precision metering has been the mission of the company since its genesis and we are adding metering that can support water sustainability using.


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