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Working principle of water meter test bench

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          Piston-type automatic water meter test bench is the latest water meter testing device. According to different testing standards and product types, it can be combined with different testing methods, commutator method, start-stop method. Due to the working principle of the piston, the The measurement accuracy of the test bench is very high, usually the minimum detection flow is 2L per hour, so the high-precision water meter is gradually replaced with this new test bench for inspection, and the whole process of automatic detection does not require manual control, and it is also widely used because of its high efficiency and convenience. The types of test benches commonly used in the market include manual test benches, semi-automatic test benches, and fully automatic test benches.

         In addition, the piston test bench is especially suitable for digital water meters. First, it can automatically generate test reports, and second, it can directly calibrate errors without rework.

         In conclusion, the piston test bench has irreplaceable advantages.



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