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prepaid water meter

These are related to the prepaid water meter news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in prepaid water meter and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand prepaid water meter market.
  • What are the principles and advantages of smart water meters?

    At present, smart water meters can be divided into two categories: prepaid water meters and remote water meters. The common feature is that the sensor for measuring the water flow still uses an ordinary water meter. The mechanical reading of the original water meter is converted into electrical sign

  • What details should be paid attention to from the perspective of installation of wireless water meters?

    Wireless water meters are becoming more and more popular. Do you know what details should be paid attention to when installing wireless water meters? Ensure that the temperature and pressure at the installation position of the ultrasonic water meter are within the working range of the ultrasonic sen

  • S. H.meters customer feedback

    We will treasure every customer's feedback. Do a good job of service and product data. Your feedback will be the driving force for our continuous progress.If you have any needs, or want to know more about the product.

  • Smart water meter makes meter reading and charging so simple

    Are you still running around collecting water charges for meter reading? Mechanical water meter reading not only knocks on the door of every household to read the water meter, but also opens the well cover of the water meter to query the data, which consumes the huge energy of the work unit and cons

  • What are the benefits of switching to smart water meters for rural water?

    Under the general situation of water resource shortage, the state has implemented stepped water price. The more water is used, the more money is paid. The main reason is to avoid waste. Not only the stepped water price is implemented for water, but also the stepped electricity price is gradually imp

  • The intelligent trend of the water industry is accelerating

    As a measuring instrument closely related to our daily life, water meters play an important role in water metering, water supply control, trade settlement, etc.From the traditional mechanical water meter at the beginning, to the IC card water meter, and then to the smart water meter, step by step re

  • What are the advantages of smart water meters?

    Types of smart water metersIntelligence can be divided into two categories: prepaid water meters and remote water meters. The common feature is that the sensor for measuring water flow is still an ordinary water meter. The mechanical readings are converted into electrical signal data, and then colle

  • Types and working principles of smart water meters

    Smart water meter is a new type of water meter that uses modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption, transmit water data and settle transactions. The smart water meter applies high-tech electronics and information transmissi

  • Four major reasons for "running without a water meter"

    From time to time, users report the phenomenon that "the water meter does not use the water meter". After years of work and practice, the professional maintenance personnel of tap water have summed up the four major reasons for the rotation of the water meter. If the user finds this phenomenon in th

  • What misunderstandings are easy to fall into in the selection of water meters?

    Misunderstanding 2: One-sided pursuit of high turndown ratioWith the technical iteration of water meter products, water meters are developing in the direction of wider measurement range and lower measurement lower limit, and new products are emerging one after another. Reasonable selection of the ra

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