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smart water meter

These are related to the smart water meter news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in smart water meter and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand smart water meter market.
  • What kind of smart water meter is the wireless remote LORA water meter?

    At present, in many places, the water meter is installed in the user's room or in the tube well. The monthly charge for the meter reading of the water meter brings a lot of trouble to the user, troubles the meter reading personnel, and causes a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the call for out

  • Development trend of smart water meter industry

    With the implementation of the system of "residential water price by ladder", there is an urgent need for smart water metersWith the acceleration of the urbanization process, the increase of water consumption, residents' lack of water-saving awareness and serious waste of water resources, China's ur

  • Working principle of ultrasonic water meter

    Working principle of ultrasonic water meter:Ultrasonic water meter adopts the time difference method to measure the flow, that is, an ultrasonic transducer is installed in the upstream and downstream of the measurement channel (pipe section) to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals for each other.

  • Prepaid water meter advantage

    1. Convenient charging, which can realize pay first and then use water .2. master the core technology, can OEM a charging system tailored to achieve software docking.3. software advantages: a, can be customized services according to customer needs: change the language, currency unit display. b, low

  • ​The Features of NBIOT Water Meter

    In recent years, NB-IoT water meters have been popular in the field of water smart meter reading. Let's talk about the reasons below. The full name of NB is Narrow Band, and the full explanation of NB-IoT is "Narrow Band Internet of Things". NB-IoT water meter is a kind of smart water meter, and the

  • ​The Features of Lora Water Meter

    Lora water meter can realize remote monitoring, data collection and transmission, meter reading, automatic statistics and other functions. The infinite transmission function of the Lora water meter makes its use range very wide. It can be used in new housing, old community reconstruction, shantytown

  • Features of NB-IOT water meter

    With the development of the Internet of Things technology, smart water meters have ushered in a period of rapid development and have become an important part of smart cities.NB-IoT technology solves many pain points in the water industry, such as difficulty in meter reading, high labor costs, leakage.

  • Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter

    How to strengthen the management of water meters and improve the level of modern management has always been a difficult point for water supply enterprises. Moreover, the water meter reading obviously does not meet the requirements. Once the user outdoors, the management staff will delay the water bi

  • Function of IC card prepaid water meter

    1. From the user's point of view, the use of smart IC card water meter should be simple and clear.In fact, the use of smart IC card water meter is also very simple. The user's use of smart IC card water meter is to pay for water and insert (or sense) an IC card into the water meter. In order to f

  • Water-saving irrigation water conservancy project construction

    Economic development has brought serious environmental pollution. The shortage of water resources we are facing has become more and more serious, and the strategic position of water resources has become more and more obvious. Vigorously developing water conservancy and water-saving irrigation proje

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