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woltman water meter

If you want to know more about the woltman water meter, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the woltman water meter industry. More news about woltman water meter, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more woltman water meter information!
  • What misunderstandings are easy to fall into in the selection of water meters?

    Misunderstanding 2: One-sided pursuit of high turndown ratioWith the technical iteration of water meter products, water meters are developing in the direction of wider measurement range and lower measurement lower limit, and new products are emerging one after another. Reasonable selection of the ra

  • Development History of SH Meters

    As the China’s leading smart water metering system provider , we have developed a comprehensive water meter and the smart metering system range for the Domestic market, Commercial, Agriculture and Industrial . Any demand, or wanna to know more about water meters, welcome contact us

  • The direction of water management in future cities

    The current urban water management faces many problems, such as population growth, water security, and climate change. In order to build a safer and more sustainable future, the concept of a smart water city is the best public policy and technology in the last century. The best alternative is to dig

  • How to use water resources effectively

    The depletion and pollution of water resources have been a problem for many years, and we have not yet found the correct answer to this global challenge.Water saving is important because water scarcity is considered a global systemic risk. According to research, at least two thirds of the world’s po

  • SHMETERS woltman water meter

    1. Large Diameter Water Meter Body Appearance processing The color of the flange cover and water meter body will be the same. The place where the paint is less lacquered during the production process will be repainted.2.The Counter The counter (spare area) has a built-in desiccant to prevent moi

  • Woltman Type Flange end Water Meter

    Today we bring you our Woltman type flange end water meter. This meters is widely used in City water supply main pipe line, Industrial area and also Irrigation area. Firstly it's size range are from DN50 to DN600. Secondly it has Cast Iron body, Ductil Iron body, SS body like SS304 and SS316,Thirdly

  • How to improve water security

    As the world recovers from the global pandemic, governments and health agencies around the world will be making further investment in better hygiene standards to help protect communities against future outbreaks, with resources likely to be diverted to boost the installation of more pipes, taps and

  • Tips for antifreeze water meter-Tipe1

    Winter is coming, the temperature drops sharply, and the cold wave strikes. Anti-freezing of tap water facilities is particularly important. In order to avoid the many inconveniences caused by the freezing of indoor and outdoor water meters and pipes, SH-METERS would like to remind you to take measu

  • Irrigation water meter -- LXXG

    A Volt Free Pulsed Output is available for all models within the range with a minimum output ratio of 100L/Pulse. A 1.5-metre fly-lead is supplied with all pulsed models for connecting this output to a BMS System or local data logging facility. · The Irrigation meter range is suitable for temperatur

  • Irrigation water meter -- LXXG

    The Irrigation Water Meter has been one of the most popular water meters in the farming industry for many years now, it’s clear to see why! The Irrigation water meter can take in wastewater from rivers, streams and lakes as well as purified water from sewage treatment installations – while retainin

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