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lora water meter

These are related to the lora water meter news, in which you can learn about the updated information in lora water meter, to help you better understand and expand lora water meter market. Because the market for lora water meter is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • What kind of smart water meter is the wireless remote LORA water meter?

    At present, in many places, the water meter is installed in the user's room or in the tube well. The monthly charge for the meter reading of the water meter brings a lot of trouble to the user, troubles the meter reading personnel, and causes a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the call for out

  • The difference between NB-IoT water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter

    With the progress of the times, the daily use of water meters has become more and more intelligent, and technology has made the meter reading fee intelligent; the three most prominent water meters today are the NB-IoT water meter, the LORA water meter and the GPRS water meter. Some people don't know

  • Why are wireless water meters becoming more popular

    A water meter is a measuring instrument used to measure the flow of water in a pipeline. At present, the water meter that consumes a lot of water in the water pipe network system is a mechanical water meter that indicates on-site. When copying water meter data, a large number of meter readers need t

  • Mechanical water Meters, smart water meters, remote water meters and ultrasonic water meters?

    Mechanical water Meters, smart water meters, remote water meters and ultrasonic water meters?st, traditional mechanical water meterPrinciple:The water impinges on the blades around the wheel, creating a torque that spins the impeller.The bigger the tap, the faster the flow, the faster the impeller t

  • ​The Features of Lora Water Meter

    Lora water meter can realize remote monitoring, data collection and transmission, meter reading, automatic statistics and other functions. The infinite transmission function of the Lora water meter makes its use range very wide. It can be used in new housing, old community reconstruction, shantytown

  • LoRa water meter management system brief introduction

    LoRa Data concentrator features:1.Suitable for Intensive installation of LoRa water meters;2.Require External power supply to ensure the normal operation ;3.For one LoRa data concentrator:1)The maximum carrying capacity of a single concentrator is 500 nos. Considering the actual installation density

  • Lora water meter adopt Lora system (2)

    Lora communication is adopted among water meter, repeater and concentrator, which is mainly used for concentrator to read data in water meter. When the concentrator receives the instruction from the workstation and uploads the data, it adopts GPRS communication. When the workstation needs to read th

  • Lora water meter adopt Lora system (1)

    Lora water meter adopt Lora system. Lora is a kind of lpwan communication technology. It is a kind of ultra long distance wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology adopted and promoted by Semtech company of the United States. This scheme changes the previous trade off between

  • Choose a products to help solve the problem

    With many years of experience,we understand the challenges of water meter,we can provide the best solution, the management become more smarter,each data will be control under your.Technology help us change our life!

  • Application of LoRa technology in smart water meters

    LoRa module is a wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology. This solution changes the previous compromised considerations on transmission distance and has provided users with a simple LoRa technology that can achieve long distances, long battery life, and large capacity in sma

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