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GPRS Wireless AMR Water Meter

  • Q GPRS water meter, once the customer changes the card, what happens to the data, is it affected?

    A The data read by the GPRS platform comes from the reading of the electronic part of the water meter. Even if the water meter does not have a SIM card installed, the electronic part will still count normally, but the data transmission and control functions are affected. Sim card is just a means of communication, replacing the Sim card will not affect the water meter data.
  • Q Can GPRS not modify the time and date? So can the ID be modified?

    A The date and ID of the GPRS water meter cannot be modified by our software, but the time and date can be modified through the background of the factory.
  • Q Does GPRS have the function of secondary SMS communication?

    A This feature is not implemented on our platform and can be implemented through the customer's platform.
  • Q How do I know if there is a problem with the water meter and there is no data to return?

    A First of all, we can check in the alarm function on the platform that the water meter has no data to return, and then check the installation environment for obvious damage, and can use the method of actively triggering the water meter to go online;
  • Q Does the GPRS wireless water meter require a concentrator or collector?

    A No, because the GPRS wireless water meter uses the existing GPRS communication tower for data transmission, similar to mobile phone signal transmission;
  • Q How to find and handle if the valve can't be closed or opened?

    A If the valve is stuck by the sand flowing in the pipe, the program in the water meter will try within 40S of the switch valve action. Once the valve cannot be normally opened and closed, the water meter will give up this command and return the failure data to the platform. The information about this water meter can be viewed on the platform for the management to view;
  • Q What information do I need to provide before providing samples?

    A First of all, to confirm whether the country has 2G signals, the installation area GPRS signal coverage, the GPRS communication carrier information and APN that the customer wants to use.
  • Q Can the product soak in water?

    A This product can soak water, but the water will affect the stability of signal transmission, because the signal will be greatly affected in the water transmission.
  • Q Protection level?

    A At present, LoRa wireless water meter adopts full potting and sealing technology, which uses the silicone gel package circuit board part, and the battery plug is also sealed to achieve IP68 protection level.
  • Q What is the transmission distance?

    A In the case of ensuring the GPRS signal strength, the GPRS water meter upload data is not affected by the distance;
  • Q What is the battery life?

    A Using ER26500 battery, the capacity is up to 9000mAh, the frequency of meter reading once a day, the battery life can be up to 4 years.