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lora smart water meter

A list of these lora smart water meter articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional lora smart water meter, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Why is it said that the Internet of Things water meter has the value of comprehensive promotion?
    In recent years, the term Internet of Things has become very popular in the scientific and technological circles. Due to its various advantages, various industries have turned their attention to it and are favored by various industries. Of course, the water meter industry is no exception. The Intern
  • The future of smart water meter industry can be expected
    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology and the accelerated evolution of smart cities and smart water affairs, the market demand for smart water meters has grown rapidly, and it has become the general trend for smart water meters to replace mechanical water meters.The smart wa
  • How can water companies with debts, losses and credit crises "turn things around"?
    In 2021, the "loss-making army" of water companies will continue to grow, and many former burning stars are now in huge debts. Today's topic may be very heavy, but it is a proposition worthy of deep consideration in the industry. For enterprises, especially water companies, how should they deal with
  • The difference between nB-iot water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter respectively
    The difference between nB-iot water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter respectivelyWith the progress of The Times, the daily use of water meter is more and more intelligent, science and technology to make meter reading and charging wisdom; Today, the main outstanding is nB-iot water meter,
  • Lora water meter adopt Lora system (2)
    Lora communication is adopted among water meter, repeater and concentrator, which is mainly used for concentrator to read data in water meter. When the concentrator receives the instruction from the workstation and uploads the data, it adopts GPRS communication. When the workstation needs to read th
  • Lora water meter adopt Lora system (1)
    Lora water meter adopt Lora system. Lora is a kind of lpwan communication technology. It is a kind of ultra long distance wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology adopted and promoted by Semtech company of the United States. This scheme changes the previous trade off between
  • Application of LoRa technology in smart water meters
    LoRa module is a wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology. This solution changes the previous compromised considerations on transmission distance and has provided users with a simple LoRa technology that can achieve long distances, long battery life, and large capacity in sma
  • It's time to say goodbye to house-to-house water charges
    On the walls of the building's corridors, in the motor rooms of factories and shopping malls, the water and electricity meters used to calculate water consumption are so inconspicuous but so important. In order to avoid water and power outages due to arrears, household merchants often pay attention