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Cast iron water meter

A list of these Cast iron water meter articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Cast iron water meter, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. has been established!
    Since its establishment in 2013, HEBEI SHANGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to providing excellent water metering solutions and high-sensitivity water meters to water authorities in overseas markets.
  • Mid-autumn festival&The national day holiday notice
    As the Chinese New Year is around the corner,please be informed that our office will close for holidays from January 20th to 27th,2023. Any orders placed during the holidays will be produced as normal. If you have any urgent issues during the holidays, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your
  • Going deep into customers is the only way to provide good service-Zambia market research
    Last Friday, all employees of the company participated in the customer visit sharing meeting in Zambia. Mark, our salesman who visited abroad, shared a lot of meaningful insights and had great inspiration for various departments of our company.This trip is a rewarding trip.
  • Record S.H.Meters Tiejun's trip to Africa - if there is a war, the sword must be drawn!
    On June 4, 2023, after several days of careful preparation, three of our S.H.Meters colleagues set off from Beijing.During this trip, they will fly to the remote African continent, travel to many countries, and carry out several days of market research and customer return visits. In the three years
  • The role of the water meter box for the water meters
    The water meter box plays a crucial role in housing and protecting the water meter. Here are some key functions and benefits of the water meter box:Meter Protection: The primary purpose of the water meter box is to provide a protective enclosure for the water meter. It safeguards the meter from exte
  • Insufficient use of water resources
    Insufficient use of water resourcesGroundwater overexploitation is seriousWith the development of the economy, the demand for water resources is increasing, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. When the groundwater cannot meet the needs of production an
  • How to collect and transmit the data of electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT)
    How to collect and transmit the data of electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT) At present, the most popular wireless remote water meter on the market is the electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT). The electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT) is easy to install and does not require construction. More a
  • Merry Christmas And New Year
    The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching again. Christmas is a time of quality time with the ones you love, good wine, love and peace, and lots of joy. We would like to send warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. T
  • Comparison of ultrasonic water meter, electromagnetic water meter and mechanical water meter
    Comparison of ultrasonic water meter, electromagnetic water meter and mechanical water meter1. Water quality requirementsUltrasonic water meter: It is not interfered by impurities such as gravel and weeds in the medium, chemical substances, and magnetic substances.Electromagnetic water meter: not af
  • Is the big water meter and the small water meter running the same way?
    The large water meter and the small water meter are the same. For the same pot of water, it only takes different time to boil small water and big water, and the water meter runs the same way. The water meter measures the water output, which is the volume.Water meters are instruments for measuring wa
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