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ultrasonic water meters

If you want to know more about the ultrasonic water meters, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the ultrasonic water meters industry. More news about ultrasonic water meters, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more ultrasonic water meters information!
  • Production and assembly of ultrasonic water meters with strong demand
    Production and assembly of ultrasonic water meters with strong demandIn recent years, ultrasonic water meters have become increasingly popular in the global market due to its unique advantages in the field of measurement, and have entered a phased mass supply,and increasing year by year. At the same
  • Which water meter is the best choice for modern agricultural irrigation?
    Which water meter is the best choice for modern agricultural irrigation? my country is a large agricultural country, so it attaches great importance to agricultural irrigation. It is necessary to ensure the full use of water resources during irrigation. This is worthy of special attention and resear
  • Features and applications of ultrasonic water meters
    The main features of ultrasonic water meters are low starting flow rate, wide range ratio, high measurement and display accuracy, and stable operation. There are no moving parts inside, no blocking parts, not affected by impurities in the water, and has a long service life. The output communication
  • What are the advantages of ultrasonic water meters?
    The working principle of the ultrasonic water meter adopts the principle of ultrasonic time difference to calculate the flowmeter in the pipeline. More accurate than other smart water meters. It is also used many times in industry, chemical industry and farmland irrigation. It can be seen that the a
  • What details should be paid attention to from the perspective of installation of wireless water meters?
    Wireless water meters are becoming more and more popular. Do you know what details should be paid attention to when installing wireless water meters? Ensure that the temperature and pressure at the installation position of the ultrasonic water meter are within the working range of the ultrasonic sen
  • Four major reasons for "running without a water meter"
    From time to time, users report the phenomenon that "the water meter does not use the water meter". After years of work and practice, the professional maintenance personnel of tap water have summed up the four major reasons for the rotation of the water meter. If the user finds this phenomenon in th
  • What are the characteristics of ultrasonic water meters?
    At present, the main way of water intake in the water conservancy industry is pipeline transportation. Most of the water sources requiring pipeline transportation on site are mainly groundwater, rivers, rivers and lakes, which are generally used for production water, industrial water and irrigation.
  • Ultrasonic flange end water meters
    In the era of intelligence, how to improve the modern management level of water meters? Due to the long installation distance and dispersion of large-caliber water meters, when only manual meter reading is required, such management costs are high. The following is flanged end water meter. Its range
  • Advantages of ultrasonic water meters
    The ultrasonic water meter can still work for a long time without damage under high pressure, low temperature and water immersion conditions. Advantages of ultrasonic water meters:1.Measures extreme low start flow ,dropped water could be measured ; 2.Multi type data transmission support,such as:Puls
  • New electronic water meter - ultrasonic water meter
    Micro-power design, large-capacity battery power supply (battery life ≥ 10 years); Wide range ratio, low starting flow, high accuracy level, good stability, can be used for water leakage detection; After optional wireless NB-IOT remote transmission, the daily water consumption can be checked on the
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